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Worked great but not anymore?

Writing this review is probably a little premature because I deleted the app and haven’t tried re-installing it yet. I will say first though it was a great app and I made a lot of really cool videos using it while playing PUBG Mobile. It worked flawlessly until about a week ago. When I would go to my control panel and press the record button it would count down as usual and the icon would turn red like usual and I would start playing the game only to go back to the control panel to cut it off and it would already be off. I checked my pictures to see if it recorded anything and there would not be any new videos. It happened every time I tried to use it. To the developers; I’m gonna re-install it and see what happens then. If it fixes it I will make corrections to this review. If the problem still persists I will contact you guys. Btw, I checked all outlets of troubleshooting it like storage space and permissions and all is good.


I like this app it’s good for screen recording...or at least it would be if i could actually stop the recordings without one losing the footage i got and two if i could turn it off without having the reset my tablet

This was a waste

I got this for my YouTube channel to make a roblox video, i do the instructions and it doesn’t pop up so i can save to camera. I am 10 so i have a feeling i did something wrong or maybe it is the device i am on, either way for this it did not work and i dont need audio so i didnt worry about that, from me, this is a one star product.


I don’t know how to edit my Gacha studio videos and other ones it’s like I can’t have any sound in any of my videos I hate it that I can’t edit my videos. I’m on IPad and I don’t know how to edit my videos on this app!

Who is null

It would always say broadcast stopped due to null

It has no voice recording or face camera

This app is really wonderfull because it has great quality and all, but unlike some recording apps on other devices such as mobizen, there are no face cams nor audio recorder. And if you are going to add these things please make sure that it allows a person to record screen/voice/face at the same time and not just screen record and then add voices and face camera later THANK U ^^


Trouble stopping recording otherwise good app

Great but bad

I tried it out and it’s pretty cool but it doesn’t save when I stop recording so I think it needs a fix 😡 it makes me mad super mad !! That’s why I hate this app a lot you need to fix it !!!!!! I’m pretty sure this happens to only Apple users if it wasn’t designed for us only make it for Android!! Ok bye !!! 1 Star Rating !!!!!!! 😡


This app is good for just wanting to record things that are on your screen. Good for gaming too since you have the choice to let it access your microphone.

This wasn’t what I expected..

This app is so cool! I thought it would have a stupid watermark like most free apps! But one problem, sometimes when I try to record, I tap it and it doesn’t record same with stopping it. It says I’m still recording but I keep stopping it. Edit: I found a new screen recorder but I can’t delete this one please help! Either fix the recorder or make it delete

Amazing app

I’ve not had any problem with the app and I’ve had it going on 3 months now I use it at least once a week good job


ok so it like 3 second no way dude we need 15 second ok bye

Good but ehhh

It was pretty good but a lot to just record a video I mean like I like it but it do not love it it should have an easier way to understand it

It's great and all but, for website audios..

When recording on websites, I always have a problem on the audio. It never records the sound, but once I enter an actual app, like YouTube, the sound gets recorded. I would give a five star if this problem gets fixed. Thank you!

Plz read (important)

So, Im use this for my yt and its pretty good, you can record a video and it will come out nice quality! But, I have a issue where when I start the recording it works fine , but I cant turn it off. It would be lovely if I had a response thanks

Really Great For Gaming Videos

Really great for gaming videos! Found this app a little while ago and it worked really well. However I’ve been having a little trouble getting the recording to stay on. Not sure what this means but it says, ‘the recording has stopped due to null’ I am redownload it the app to see if it will refresh. Please find a way to fix this. I really love this app and recommend it to any gamers who don’t own computers.


I record Fortnite clips with this, and it works very well. Plus, when I am done recording, it immediately saves to my videos. 5 stars. Great app.


I love that your app adds some sharpness and clarity to my screen recordings allowing me to upload up to 4k at times depending what I'm recording. other apps get blurry after 720p uploads. Could you please add an option to automatically sense and motion capture taps and sliding on the screen and such? that would be very helpful for when I'm doing tutorials. Thank you

Great app

I like it very much

liked it but not so much anymore

I use this to record videos on my yt but the problem is that the videos come out laggy and like pixelated kinda. Idk if this is yt’s problem or this apps problem but please make it laggy free :(

Same difference

This is a great screen recorder app and I’ve run into a few problems I don’t think the devs can fix. Some apps (like Xbox) black out the screen when recording and some websites block audio when recording. This seems to be a problem all the other recording apps had issues with so I won’t mark you down on that. The only real issue is that it can’t record for very long, I’m talking even just 5 minutes. It just quits and saves whatever it did record (which is good I guess.) I’d give it a 4.5 if I could but its gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

Sweet workflow

Couldn't be easier. Thanks!


Thankful for all your time and all your efforts regarding our shared interest

3 Star

The app occasionally works, but there is hardly ever any sound to what I record.

Requires login, pass

Requires you to create an account to use. I don’t need yet another account/password to worry about. It could be a great app but I will not use it because of the login requirement. Not tested. Deleted.

Very Great

I haven’t even started recording anything but I know it works because I saw the directions they give you and I did it perfectly. It’s an amazing app. I think you should get. I know that I will have an amazing time recording minecraft videos. See me on Gracie Grape.

It’s good


Best recorder I tried so many out and this one is the best😁

There is actually no problems I can find yet because I barely got it today and I’m trying to film a video tomorrow also but no problems so far one of the best apps for recording your screen

No sound

No sound

4 Stars

The app used to record sound with my recordings like recording my screen while playing music from Apple Music but now it doesn’t.

Please fix but great

I have a problem with audio first it works and now on like longer works

Big promblem

After I set up the screen recording in control setting I swiped and did exactly what I was supposed to do but when I swiped up I would press on it but nothing happened. So now I can’t even record and there is nothing to do to fix it. I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but I would like to get this fixed. If some body from the app sees this please try and fix it. Thank you

Why no audio?

So I got this app because I was looking for a screen recorder thinking it will be pretty good. I didn’t like it. So the video quality is good, but it ruined a big part for me. Audio. So what I’m talking about is that when I recorded videos, they only recorded like 10 seconds of audio and leaves the rest silent. The last stretch was when I recorded a vid of me playing war robots while I was playing a awesome song in the background and I was disappointed when it left the rest of the song silent so I am gonna delete this app and maybe look somewhere else and I’m gonna have to take away 3 stars because it took out the audio and no you can’t send me an automated response saying to uninstall and reinstall because no I don’t think it’s a glitch so I don’t think uninstalling and reinstalling is gonna put the audio in so bye bye app, hello finding another better screen recorder that actually records audio.


good job

Amazing game but noting

I really love this app it’s so amazing and it’s really easy to set up and just recored your screen for anything you what. But I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but when I go back to a video there’s no sound at all and I knew I was talking in the video and there was noting if you guys have any way to help me pls do . I’m getting really mad at this point cause this is just not working anymore for any of my videos.

Won’t stop recording

Seems to work great until you try to stop the recording. It won’t stop. I waited, tried pressing stop many times and it never stopped. The only way to stop it was to restart my IPad but at that point you lose the video you recorded. That makes the whole thing pointless. I’m not happy, I spent 25 minutes recording a video and lost it because of this glitch.

Audio will stop recording anytime

If you want just the visual, this works. If you want audio, don’t use this on iPad Pro. It may work for a while, but it will cut out randomly and stay off.


I only gave 3 stars because initially this was awesome but now anything on the web, it’ll record the screen but no audio output when the played back which makes it pretty pointless then. Please work on ASAP! Not sure if it has to do with the 11.1 update recently

Not for gamers

Well when your playing games that have to have your screen side ways it makes it side ways I do not recommend this for gamers and I am a gamer!!! Other then that it’s good quality and it recorders your voice perfect!!!!!





I’m freaked out in a good way...

This is amazing I can’t believe how clear and crisp the audio sounds the video is amazing and it is very strange it is all free!


This is the best screen recorder ever also decode the title (hint) numbers coresponding to letters

It’s not user friendly

The screen capture app on my Android was simple n’ easy too use compared to this poor excuse for an app.


I dunno, I was trying to do a speed build on roblox, but it stoped for some reason

Not working for me

I set it up the way that I was instructed to. I don’t understand why it’s not working. I have iphone🤳🏻


I’m Not sure how to record voice while I’m On phone

Very easy to use

Very nice app. Easy to use! If.I may suggest the author that it would be perfect if you could add new function for only to record the audio only. Thank you!

Works Great!

This app works amazing for screen recording. There’s not even a watermark on the videos you record, unlike a lot of the other apps I’ve seen. I recommend this app to everyone!


Perfect I can do my flip a clip animations for free now 😀😀😀😀😀😀

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