TechSmith Capture App Reviews

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?(ಠ_ಠ) I am curious why this exists.

I downloaded this software because I’m curious why it’s needed from a third-party app. The app description could detail more the extensible features that set it apart from Apple’s built-in screen recording iOS 11 capability. Maybe it’s the organization of screen captures recorded is easier or the possibility that it’s able to record longer captures as I’ve read in some reviews. Or perhaps it has benefits using with TechSmith’s Camtasia or other tutorial presentation software. However, I’m not familiar with the TechSmiths tutorial presentation software and Camtasia isn’t available through the ios App Store, that’s why I downloaded it as an attempt to discern the ability that would justify 81MB of storage. It should be noted to that you have to start TechSmith account in order to use.

Like. Ok. YES.

I’ve tried finding a screen recording app before with no luck. The only legitimate ones I saw were ones I had to pay for. This app works FLAWLESSLY. Start, stop, save, everything! This app is the best one out there.

This is good

This is the best screen recorder ever

Great but bugs

It’s great for me to make my video for my channel but I can’t turn it off when I want to turn it off

Not bad!

It seemed a bit sketchy at first, but I figured it out

No audio

No sound! please fix it


I was freaked out because mine would not ever stop recording

Good screen recorder

It is a good screen recorder but it started restarting my device after stopping recording and it does not save it.

Good App

I haven’t tested it out quite yet but so far everything’s up and running the way it should be. I will edit this review once I make an on-screen vid of one of my games.


Just needs built in audio recording and not just microphone audio.

Good, but...

I downloaded it, hoping to post on YouTube. It just won’t let me...


I really love this app, I haven’t used any other, but I think it would be difficult to duplicate the quality.


It won’t let me record anymore bc it won’t stop recording no matter what please make it stop

Mic setting gives problems

The mic doesn’t convert the sound properly sometimes

Works but help please

This app is great and I use it a lot but when I screen record it won't let me stop recording and I dont want to restart the app or anything. Please fix this my screen has been recording for 2 days straight and I can't turn it off!!

Outstanding but needs work

I loved this app and it was great. But I was recording a Minecraft tutorial and when it was time for the video to end, it would NOT let me stop the video and I had to delete the app and get it again. And it’s STILL having problems with this.😕


Sound messes up, like everyone else said very hard to stop recording, and now for some reason it says tech smith failed to record because of “null” error. Super annoying. Not very reliable but compared to cam get the job done


I followed all the instructions, but it still won’t let me record!!

If it wasn't for this... My YouTube Channel wouldn't have good videos.

For anyone that wants to view the amazing results on how the screen recorder quality looks like just go visit my YouTube channel: Dimetrodon 225 or just don't cause it really doesn't matter, but yeah you be the judge and find out for your self because this app is worth getting. As always, Keep your pants dry your dreams wet and remember hugs not drugs. (҂-̀_-́)

Make it so you can hear yourself and the game when you record

I want you to make it so when you record your screen you can hear yourself and the game after you are done recording I would really like that.

Brilliant Program and training aid

What a fantastic program! learned how to use the APP in 2 minutes. And the file sharing options make transferring videos a breeze. Thank you all!

Live-streaming? + Great App!

I wish you could livestream to YouTube and read comments. I can’t find a good app for that because the Microphone never keeps my voice running. I hope the microphone works on this app. I read some reviews and they were pretty positive! I’ll try this app! I love that’s it’s free. Thank you! Way to go! Keep updating the app! I love when there are a lot of bug fixes because I feel more comfortable in using the app!

Not totally free!

After the first two recordings you lose sound. So if you want sound you have download the add-on app. But other than that it records fine.

Audio stopped working

Tried to record today and the audio somehow stopped working

I love it!!!


Thanks...Excellent... 👍

Very powerful & Simple...🍯


Some of these reviews have asked (and and NOT received developer response) to this question. “Why must we make an account”? Nothing is free, friends. Just like flashlight apps, those that merely facilitate using the hardware on our devices (flash, camera,etc) have an agenda and have often been cited by tech reviews as being some of the most intrusive apps that also sell and trade the private information and identities of their clientele. The answer to this question (and the reason I will NOT use or keep this app) is in their own Privacy Policy. These should ALWAYS be read BEFORE using an app. IT IS ALSO A HUGE RED FLAG IF YOU CANNOT EVEN TRY IT OUT BEFORE BEING COERCED INTO PROVIDING (aka “registration”) YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. Below, is a direct cut and paste segment from the developer’s own privacy policy, placed at the end of this “review”. Read it and then, knowing what they are going to scour your device, usage and content viewed to obtain, let your imagination run wild - JUST WHAT KINDS OF “ENTITIES” ARE GOING TO PAY THE DEVELOPER TO GET YOUR IDENTITY INFO? In this day and age of identity theft, spam callers, phishing and all of the other devious and harmful practices that people fall victim to, this is a huge red flag. -You CANNOT try it out before disclosing your personal information; -You are NOT paying for, nor are you receiving, any amenities or capabilities that your phone does not already have, NOR are you paying for services such as cloud storage, etc. (only allowing the developer the chance for the developer’s profits to INCREASE, while the safety of your identity and privacy DECREASES). ...yet “good reviews” (are they real?) excitedly proclaim this app to be “free” (ever deal with identity theft? Damage to credit scores? Having to repair credit reports? All those calls, documentation, meetings and other really annoying and time consuming things that are all part of being victim to and a part of the ever-increasing numbers of people who fall victim to those predatory scoundrels?). Nope. I’d rather PAY UP FRONT. IF I want it. There are other FREE AND PRIVATE ways to utilize this function. Excerpt from the developer’s privacy policy. At least read this small excerpt. Then decide if it is “okay” to have it sold to “who-knows-who”...! “...Information We Collect...In describing our collection, use, and sharing of information in this Policy, we refer to our collection and use of "Personal Information." "Personal Information," as used in this Policy, is personally identifiable information, which is information that directly identifies an individual, such as first and last name, mailing address, email address, billing information, IP addresses, demographics, passwords or other online contact information, or telephone number. We collect Personal Information, as well as non-personally identifiable information on TechSmith Sites and/or Services....”

Excellent app but one problem

The app is great but it doesn’t let me STOP recording, I even deleted it and reinstalled the app and it has the same problem. Also it says it’s already recording. Fix please

Thank you


One big issue...

I’ll be honest, if your a YouTuber who wants to make some mobile gaming videos or reactions, go ahead and download! For me, that was the original case. I’ve started to make edits for fandoms, and I don’t want to have to buy the music I want to put in the video, leaving my only option to record the audio from another device, but then the audio sounds like crap! So I tried to record the audio from my web browser, but it only works if my mic is on! Why can’t your device audio and your mic be separate settings? Most PC softwares have at least 2 audio tracks, Mic and Desktop (Device) sound.

Amazing some suggestions

This app is amazing a cant belive a free paid app is this good but my suggestion is if the app can record your voice that will be amazing


I hate it I don’t have any sound now I just made a second channel with no content

Good job

Goooooood the best one ever

No Audio recorded

Title says. Got a special shoutout from my favorite twitch streamer and tried recording it and it won’t show any audio.

Best app for screen recorder

Best app for screen recorder. I have a YT channel (AWESOMEMAN11608) and I couldn’t figure out how to record myself playing games. To me, this was a big step. Thanks


You don’t need this app, do the setup instructions, then save to camera roll.

Great screen “visual only” capture, but no audio from internal or from built in mics?

I like the ease of capturing screen but it only plays back the audio captured from the built in mics in my iPad only. When I send it off to someone to checkout, the audio is not playing back. How that works is beyond my pay grade. I wish it would just ack like a total (picture and audio) video capture right out of the box (So to say).

Only records a few seconds

Only records you pressing the record button and stops recording as soon as you open a game. Highest it can record is 5 seconds. Horrible and stressful.

This isn’t a scam

A lot of screen recording apps turn out to be scams, this one surprisingly wasn’t! It’s a great app that I recommend😤🤟


I got this app because it would record at what looked like 1080p60, but now it's recording at 720p? What the hell? so then it's now pointless to use your app


For some reason I do not see TechSmith capture when I select screen recording on my iPhone in the control panel, but I see the record button. I was able to record the screen and share it with TechSmith Capture and import into Camtasia. It is all good but the tutorial with different in my experience.

You don’t need this app to record

This app is just a way to hold your videos while you could be filming without it. It’s a scam to make you buy it. And it wants you to buy the editor and the captions app it has, it won’t even let me send it to my computer to post it. ARGHH >:(! Such a waste of my time. Don’t buy it.

Pretty good

Pretty good pretty good

Didn’t work

I followed all the tutorial videos correctly and watched each 3 to 5 times but the recording wouldn’t stop. I made the account for nothing and I think this needs a lot of tweaking.


Love how it comes out in very good quality to send to my friends and family AND I can save it on my camera seriously get this app ASAP❤️❤️❤️


Can you transport the video to YouTube?

Sure it works but,

It does work but it barely records for 5 seconds than says the recorder stop for “Null”.I than tried a other way, switched it to camera and stops recording it self. NONE OF IT IS SAVED


There is finally a screen recorder that records device audio this is amazing

Good but hasn’t recorded everything

I have tried to record gameplay and it hasn’t saved what happened after I press record. This has happened to me multiple times. It is still good though.


I love this app mostly because it actually works! Most screen recording apps don’t work for iOS but this one is amazon because it does actually work! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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