TechSmith Capture App Reviews

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Uh hi?

This is a terrible site

No sound ?

This was the best screen recording app but idk what happened because now after the recording is saved there is no audio 😑

No just no

This is pointless ok I mean I know it takes soooo long to create an app but seriously it won’t let me do the one thing this app is for... use an app. Ridiculous

Apple update software

They took out our app recording ability... Never mind I found it they put it to the corner so you need to swipe down in the corner to start recording... I’m going to try to use this app to fix the rendering issues I like to record hacking and I get a kick out of the people who use Linux and share the same game we do on apple. Yeah I’m a hybrid I know this crap.

Another great tech smith product!

These guys are the absolute leaders in video recording and this is just more greatness

Lose audio on IOS 12

I've been using this app and everything was going great. No bells and whistles just good quality screen recording that allows me to get my content on YouTube. After the update to IOS 12 the videos now records with audio for a few minutes and then the audio cuts out in the recording. There is no indication there is a problem while recording though. It's really frustrating to record a 15-20 minute video and only get a few minutes of audio. Fix that and I'll bump this up to a 5 star


Ingenious method of connecting their desktop apps to their mobile app. Well done.

Big letdown

Downloaded this specifically to capture a video call. For a while, it seemed to be recording with no issues. Then, out of the blue, I got an error message. Not one second of video was saved. Huge disappointment.

Can’t get recording to start on iPad

I use this product on my iPhone all of the time and love it. However I just downloaded to my iPad and can’t get the recording started. The button “depresses” but doesn’t actually start recording.

Bugs !!!

I love the app but when i used it 1 month then it’s saying a problem that “Your Recording is Stop because:Null “ why fix this problem

Doesn’t work or doesn’t work wit iOS 12

Although I followed all the steps to install, I never get a recording button, can’t see it and when I provided access to my photos and videos, the app couldn’t find any!

Was great but....

When I first started using this it worked perfectly fine sound was good recording was good but then after awhile the sound wouldn’t be there anymore every time I would record something and it’s prettying embarrassing especially sending videos to ur crush and there is no sound please fix this it’s very frustrating trying to figure out why there is no sound in my videos that I record and I’m in the process of making a channel and this was the perfect app for it but now I have to find another one cause the sound is broken

Why need account even to try.

I refuse to create an account for an app that not sure will keep. End up with spam email every time.


Once again Techsmith has knocked it out of the park with the mobile app I’m able to share and create videos for my learners to experience and engage on a smart phone with ease. Well done.

Help : (

When I export to Camtasia in my computer there is no audio. Help please?


Do not get this app. It is trash. Here's why: 1. You can't record audio with your video, so you have to edit the video with a separate system so you can put words on the screen, which is simply LAME. 2. It records your screen upside-down! The ENTIRE VIDEO is UPSIDE DOWN. This is the main reason that this app is garbage. UPSIDE DOWN. NO KIDDING. 3. Upside down or not, you have to press the “stop recording” button at least 10 times to actually stop making the video. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP. NOT EVEN ONCE.

I thought screen capture would be hard!

I love this app! I have so many friends that need visual instructions on how to use their iPhone. Now I just start recording and send a video to them!

Didn’t record

Wasted 40 mins making a YouTube video and it wasn’t in the video thing


Can’t even create an account to even get started

App issue

Trash for the app

Nice & easy app


Great App

Great App. Works easy and smooth


Long time waiting for such a application, Thanks TechSmith!

The app is good but it needs more..

I’d love it if the app had editing and where you can add text, I’d also love it if it would add a Community where u can share videos


Very easy to use app. It can’t get better than this.

Great buy but one problem

I was playing pubg and recording for like 30 minuets and I finish the game and end the record and I am waiting the video done but the video didn’t send it I don’t know why. Sorry bad grammar

I think that this app should have a icon where you could pause and unpause


with music won’t work

I really liked this app but one thing is when I use Spotify or other apps that makes music it won’t work if music works then I could get 10% more subscribers And that’s 100% annoying I am so annoyed by it Can you just update it





Amazingly done!

I have been using this app for quite a while, and have no complaints what so ever. Just one feature I would like added, but other than that, this is my recommendation to anyone looking for a screen recording app.




I love this app so much!!! I use this for my fan account on Instagram and this works perfectly. You can choose wether you want to add comments or not and you can save the videos to the camera roll. I absolutely love using this screen recording app!!!



Not really working right now

I didn’t see the recording button but then I did what the video said then I saw it. It was gray and I pressed it, it went in and out and I was confused. WARNING: DO NOT DELETE. IF IT STAYS GRAY THEN DELETING THIS APP WILL BE NECESSARY.

Worst recorder ever!

It made my video SUPER CHOPPY and my audio was way behind

Yes finally!

Best iPhone screen recording app ever and it doesn’t notify user of recordings! I tested it on several accounts and it worked flawlessly although the initial setup and recording was confusing but I got it in 2 minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Post a donate button, I want to give a little back to you.

Worked great but not anymore?

Writing this review is probably a little premature because I deleted the app and haven’t tried re-installing it yet. I will say first though it was a great app and I made a lot of really cool videos using it while playing PUBG Mobile. It worked flawlessly until about a week ago. When I would go to my control panel and press the record button it would count down as usual and the icon would turn red like usual and I would start playing the game only to go back to the control panel to cut it off and it would already be off. I checked my pictures to see if it recorded anything and there would not be any new videos. It happened every time I tried to use it. To the developers; I’m gonna re-install it and see what happens then. If it fixes it I will make corrections to this review. If the problem still persists I will contact you guys. Btw, I checked all outlets of troubleshooting it like storage space and permissions and all is good.


I like this app it’s good for screen recording...or at least it would be if i could actually stop the recordings without one losing the footage i got and two if i could turn it off without having the reset my tablet

This was a waste

I got this for my YouTube channel to make a roblox video, i do the instructions and it doesn’t pop up so i can save to camera. I am 10 so i have a feeling i did something wrong or maybe it is the device i am on, either way for this it did not work and i dont need audio so i didnt worry about that, from me, this is a one star product.


I don’t know how to edit my Gacha studio videos and other ones it’s like I can’t have any sound in any of my videos I hate it that I can’t edit my videos. I’m on IPad and I don’t know how to edit my videos on this app!

Who is null

It would always say broadcast stopped due to null

It has no voice recording or face camera

This app is really wonderfull because it has great quality and all, but unlike some recording apps on other devices such as mobizen, there are no face cams nor audio recorder. And if you are going to add these things please make sure that it allows a person to record screen/voice/face at the same time and not just screen record and then add voices and face camera later THANK U ^^


Trouble stopping recording otherwise good app

Great but bad

I tried it out and it’s pretty cool but it doesn’t save when I stop recording so I think it needs a fix 😡 it makes me mad super mad !! That’s why I hate this app a lot you need to fix it !!!!!! I’m pretty sure this happens to only Apple users if it wasn’t designed for us only make it for Android!! Ok bye !!! 1 Star Rating !!!!!!! 😡


This app is good for just wanting to record things that are on your screen. Good for gaming too since you have the choice to let it access your microphone.

This wasn’t what I expected..

This app is so cool! I thought it would have a stupid watermark like most free apps! But one problem, sometimes when I try to record, I tap it and it doesn’t record same with stopping it. It says I’m still recording but I keep stopping it. Edit: I found a new screen recorder but I can’t delete this one please help! Either fix the recorder or make it delete

Amazing app

I’ve not had any problem with the app and I’ve had it going on 3 months now I use it at least once a week good job


ok so it like 3 second no way dude we need 15 second ok bye

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