TechSmith Capture App Reviews

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Audio will not record

When I record the sound will shut off. I have tried microphone on and off and I get the same results.

no audio

No audio when recording video...


Awesome. Thanks

Thanks to

It's very helpful


I love it thank youuu, but sometimes it’s hard to stop the broadcast.

Aha! I love this thing!

I kept seeing people use this on Snapchat and whatnot, and I was wondering how they did it, thanks to my friend, I was able to locate it and enjoy it already. This thing needs to be more popular.

This wasn’t what I expected..

This app is so cool! I thought it would have a stupid watermark like most free apps! But one problem, sometimes when I try to record, I tap it and it doesn’t record same with stopping it. It says I’m still recording but I keep stopping it

It stopped

When I started the recording I filmed me playing my gameplay of the video when I checked the recording it stopped but I didn’t save that is one bug I saw but the rest 5 out of 5 but that’s most of it I give it overall a 4 out of 5

great app but screen shuts off when recording starts

i was recording clips of video from my xbox app but after updating my IOS to 11.4 as soon as the recording starts the screen is blacked out. very lame

Thank you

Thank you again. I have desktop versions too and you are the one. Love this app too


What is the point of a screen recorder if it doesn’t record the sound that is playing?

Not ready for real use yet

Found this app 19June2018 and thought it was cool. Its not yet ready for me to use. I do not need to screen capture turning on the app every time I want to do a screen capture! Then not allow editing within the app to remove the unwanted crap in both the front and back of the screen capture! I thought the output would be a full screen VIEW of the screen capture. WRONG. I need to further edit the screen capture in another app then save, then watch. Will keep this app gathering dust until the developer can figure out how to upgrade their app to a useful tool. Give it 2 stars because it does screen capture yet does not work for me yet.

Plz read (important)

So, Im use this for my yt and its pretty good, but you can record a video and it will take soooo long for it to go to your photos ughhh

Good but…

I love this app but it won’t let you record your voice it said it would but it won’t. Please please please!!! Fix this!

Best screen record ever

Finally the audio is a lot better Thank you so much!!!


This won’t let me edit my vids or post to utube

Stoped to work

I was testing the app and it just stopped working. I tried several times, but nothing made it back to normal.


It’s great but can u fix to where you can have sound in your videos? Thx

Something is wrong

I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if this has happened to other people as well but whenever I press start broadcast I can’t stop the recording. I’ve tried to press all the buttons and deleting the app, but it won’t work. I’m pretty sure if it worked, it’ll be a good app.


Honestly too much trouble for screen recording. The button to stop goes haywire sometimes and it won’t stop, which isn’t the biggest issue really. It’s not being able to share videos with can recorded and upload it into your phone with sound but as soon as you try sharing it takes it away...I have even waited to see if they would fix this bug...nearly a year later and nothing. Still can’t share with sound. It’s a shame because it really does look esthetically professional but other than that it’s basically useless

Please enter a function to display screen taps/slides

I want to be able to show where I am tapping on the screen sometimes just to show and point out to exactly what I’m looking at or talking about during a recording. Is there a way to do that on this app that allows that function?

Crashed, lost recording

This never happened with native recorder on my iPad. Lost a LOT of work today, thanks!

I love it

It was really good I was really happy with this app :)


I recorded roblox for my channel I’m creating like tomorrow or something.When I was done recording IT WOULDNT STOP.I hit the button so it could stop but I wouldn’t.Pls fix this! This ruins the whole app for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn’t work

Just plain garbage. a waste of money. Tried many many times still wouldn’t work

Null Notification Problem

The capture is great in all aspects but there is one slight problem, 75% of the time it will stop the recording and give a notification saying how the screen recorder was stopped due to a problem. The problem is it doesn’t tell me what the actual problem is and I can’t find anything wrong with my iPad since I have more than enough storage for videos and other applications. All it does is give me the word (null) as the reason and I can’t figure out since all the options it gives me is 1. Ok and 2. Go to Application. Even if I go to Application it doesn’t help because there’s nothing I can do there. It is very frustrating because I am a artist and I want to record videos for YouTube but it is hindering me since I have to restart every time it does this. I couldn’t find a way to report a problem on the app so I decided to write a review to notify you of this. I hope you will help me. Thank you!


I recorded a huge event for my YT channel I pressed stop recording it did not save to my camera roll

It works

I has a video how to screen record


Only issue I have is audio stops recording 15 in. Which is a big issue.

Trying it out

Just starting the app! Let’s see how it goes!

Figured it out...

This was a great app that I used all the time to record videos to take clips from to edit into music videos. If you are recording your screen on the home page or the internet a red bar appears at the top of the screen telling you you’ve started recording, this is fine on certain thing as you just tap on the screen and it will disappear, however it would never appear at all if you were screen recording off of the YouTube app. I just used this yesterday to record a video off of the YouTube app that had some clips I wanted, this morning I tried to record a video also off of the YouTube app and the red bar appeared at the top of my screen telling I was recording, I was super mad because then I couldn’t use any of the videos I record in my videos, turns out if you are sent a link to a video through the email the red bar will appear and not go away, but if you search for the video on the YouTube app it does not appear at all just like before. This app is still five stars for me.

Does not capture device sound

I got this app (and several others by the way) trying to get around whatever made my screen capture no longer capture sound. No dice.


This is probably the best one yet after trying lots glad I found this one !!!🤩🤩💞

Bad App

I am trying to record a video to sent to a YouTube channel(Daily Fortnite if you were wondering). So I press start recording and I do and play the video. Right when I play the video my screen goes black so all you see is black but you can hear the sound. So I stop recording to see the video and see if somehow it recorded. Nope it just recorded the sound. So you are probably thinking that it is a problem with my device but whenever I play the video with out recording everything is just fine. So FIX YOUR APP!

Good job

It’s rly good but it did NOT show up at first glance


Why in the hell is the sound sped up? Couldn’t fix it so uninstalled, bro.


Whenever I try to record, it doesn’t stop recording. That means that EVERY time you record, you have to shut off your iPad/ iPhone to make it stop. This app just wastes your time

Very easy to use a little hard to set up but the totutial helps a lot

AMAZING FOR RECORDING ON YOUTUBE I recommend it but it’s up to you you pro think I’m a robot lol 😂👍

Please fix this

I’m trying to start a YouTube channel that the Features me playing piano tiles two but whenever I record a video there is no sound whatsoever please fix this no other app will work and I tried this on some apps along time ago and it worked perfectly

Terrible app don’t get it!!,

I can’t record more than thirty seconds before it ends up crashing and deletes the recording. How is this supposed to fix the problem if there is already a problem with the app?!

it didn’t save

We first of all, I spent a lot of time recording my screen and when I stopped recording it didn’t save at all. I wanted to make a video but this app just... ugh. Sorry but it’s true

Great Recording App

I think this is the best IOS recording app ever because it’s simple, quick, and it does not lag my iPad *TechSmith Great Job!*

Amazing but.....

I have a YT channel and there is no editing software whatsoever in the app. I was talking and thought it could hear me xD

Good app


Good app

It’s real simple to use and good at recording.

Solid useful app!

Thanks for building it!

One problem

This is a great app don’t get my wrong But... the reason I’m giving it 4 stars is cause I will be recording and it stops suddenly and it’s really annoying. So please try and fix that. Thank you

Works flawlessly!

I have used Other recorders, this is very easy to use.

Cool application

Helping application


really dig the setup tour

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